September 2018 Newsletter

Pets feel pain much like we do, but they can’t really tell us where or how bad it hurts—and they often instinctually hide illness or injury. That’s why the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management has selected September as Animal Pain Awareness Month, to educate people about the symptoms of chronic pain and discomfort in animals. Some signs to look for include: Heavy panting Decreased activity Reluctance to jump up on surfaces (cats) Overgrooming or licking a particular area Difficulty … read more

April 2018 Newsletter

We’re excited for you to see our new, updated website! It’s been rebuilt it from the ground up to be more informative and easier to use. We’ve integrated our social media on the site as well, and it now works great on your smartphone and tablet. We’ve also partnered with PetDesk, so you can make appointments online—or if you download the app, right on your phone. The PetDesk app is available for both iOS and Andrid and you can use … read more

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